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"The Lost Souls and their Bodies" satirically explores the socio-political settings of the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western lands from which main characters originate only to be united on a Northern island. They all experience voids described as a fictional space of nothingness. Worldly ambitions can never be sufficient for the souls and are barely ever satiable for their bodies coming from different cultures and religions; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Each character has a dream that reflects their deepest longings and fears despite decadent life settings. Yet they only truly find fulfillment in moments of disinterested love when destiny brings them together. The magical character - the Unwell Man - represents a crazy man from Lea's town in the chaotic Southern lands with a soul that registers injustice, war tragedy, birth and death. Borderless and separated, united and confined; it is a journey of the lost souls and their bodies to their final destination.

"The Diamond (C) Love" is shiny and glamorous, but there are dark secrets that take place in the Capital of the most powerful Nations that only begin to surface when Sandrina and Richard tie the knot. Faced with an identity dilemma of how to handle her role as a wife of a powerful politician, Sandrina tries to polish their diamond love until she sees a dream with a black diamond. One day, she wakes up from a diamond love dream and realizes she must change her path and leave everything behind. She sails away to the new shores of an island in the shape of a woman's breast where her new life awaits filled with dolce amore - a rather ordinary but highly magical and fulfilling life.

"The Crazy Things Women Do For Beauty and Men"


All women should try live by 10CCs at times to make-up for the x number of ways of self-torture!


A humorous and critical review for all women living in today’s modern societies! It will make many women like myself wonder how much we really like ourselves to undergo so many torturous beautifying treatments that would intimidate the most skilled dark ages torture experts. All that for the sake of great looks and to impress the opposite sex! Conform or rebel against the painted images of what beauty is? It is up to you to conclude after you read this interactive booklet.

"Imaginary World"....deeply provoking poems and lyrics that touch upon love, justice and freedom of who we are as individuals and societies.


"...Imaginary desires

Tear us apart,

Desires and fears,

Created these walls, 

Imaginary walls".


"....Present belongs to all who love

and have not given up

on their liquid dreams

because of some abstract fears."



"I am not a New Yorker, so what?"

"I am not a New Yorker, so what?"


A story about a woman pretending to be a New Yorker until she finds herself in a conundrum to reavel her true identity....

La dolce vita


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