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In my quest to read more diverse books, I was offered the chance to review the book The Lost Souls and Their Bodies by Esther Kish, who is originally from eastern Europe (she now lives in the DC area). This book is sort of a cross between a novel and a critical essay about life and its meaning.

I didn’t have any expectations coming in to this book- which was a good thing. The Lost Souls and Their Bodies is unlike any other book I have ever read. The book is definitely more character and philosophy-driven than anything else. Other readers have called Esther a “visionary” and I definitely think that is true. Her work is unlike most other books published today.

If you want to read a fun, feel-good story that is easy to read; this is not the book for you. This is a challenging book that is designed to provoke thought and make you question your philosophical views. The story isn’t happy and it doesn’t have the typical plot that you expect from most books. It reminded me more of the stories written by Mark Z. Danielewski than authors that you will see alongside the Hunger Games of the world.

It was interesting to read a book written by someone with a completely different prospective. Every so often, I like to read something completely out of the ordinary- and this book was it. If you are looking for a book that is entirely unique and completely innovative, then you will probably enjoy reading this book.

If not, then you might like something that is a little more mainstream, like picks from any of my book lists.


Brenda from Daily Mayo, 01/19/2015

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"Esther has written a novel that is understood by those to whom “soul” matters. It is a different take on society and politics, relationships, greed and humility, love and loss. The soul prevails in her many stories. The fabric of her writing includes many cultures, and it requires the reader to get "into her mind".I wish her the best and many more inspirations to tell us all more. A very deep spirit indeed.This is a woman that I would like to meet and be blessed by her soul."


Michael Franz, MD, 03/28/2014

"Written by a conscious and deep reflective writer coming from eastern Europe. In search for depth, meaning, authenticity in our culture, global or western. Finally often discouraged, and as all of us, in deep desire for real endless love. A good start for this writer. To be followed."


Wilfried Grommen, 03/10/2014


"The Lost Souls and Their Bodies" is an engaging work that makes you look into your own life and ponder the values of modern society. I found myself stopping several times and thinking about my actions and attitudes toward other people. Esther Kish has been able to skillfully mix reality and fiction, a fiction that often seems too real, making you “see” your soul. Reading this book, we can extrapolate one of the phrases of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in "The Little Prince" and say that it is through the soul that one realizes the essentials of life.


Edwin Vidal , 01/12/2014

"A provoking book that brings a mind to a level of deep self-analysis, while it shakes societal grounds we believe we walk on firmly."


Dr. Jelena Miljkovic, 13/06/2014



"Head and shoulders above the up and coming  visionary writers of our times.....Sounds of  human psyche and consciousness echo throughout Esther's writing."


M.P.H. 09/08/2014



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