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Note to Our President

When you find yourself alone in the midst of political crowds and antagonists you must shut down senses and let the mind prevail without any subjective sensitivity. People can eat it up anyone and they will always eat up anyone if permitted so the leaders must overcome their fears and construct towers of ego in order to make things happen. It is a cruel world with many cruel constituents so no time to ponder over small matters. The time has come to lead and not plead guilty to human subjective nature of infinite judgement. Our President will lead us to a horizon of greater clarity of his vision? He has not hidden who is, instead he has shown his ability to negotiate, dominate, play all the intricate human games for some subjective /objective gains, depending on who's side you choose to be on. Let us not obscure his leadership with our own egos. He is the leader we have selected collectively that reflects us. Does he not reflect our collective desires and patterns of behavior? May I ask which man would not want his position, his wealth and his access to all the beautiful things that life can offer? I say it would be a lie if American men say 'no' to any of this. I have met men from so many backgrounds and they have all longed for everything that our President has - access to unimaginable power and wealth. At least he is not afraid of achieving it with such willingness to expose himself to intense scrutiny and transparency - because it is incredible transparency to live under a microscope as a leader of United States. I tend to be more afraid of the ones who hide their ultimate intentions than I am afraid of our President who must focus on matters greater than we are with our subjective interests.

To reach heights with many obstructions is not easy. To reach as many people as possible with ideas without creating enemies seems an impossible task. Enemies always follow some success. They tend to come even though no one invites them. Welcome to the world of our President - full of challenges, unintended enemies and consequences and responsibilities for acts of many humans he does not know, does not support nor wants to support in their acts against humanity but by building alliances politically he does play a dangerous game of chess trying to balance peace, economic stability and our collective sanity.

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