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Who Sails Through Life?

Who sails through life? Who reads? Who loves? Who cares? Who sails through life with a wind and storms?

Adults seemed to have forgotten to do so. They only talk about money mostly…they talk about all things but dreaming of love, wind and art, reading....but it may be too late for these after storms pass and they forget to sail through life they were given freely without any money requested and currency exchanged.

Adults are boring most of the time. Everywhere you hear them talk about money. Do they not have enough of their beloved currency to let go of their precious time spent on money talk?

Do they think it is the most important thing in their limited existence?

They lie, cheat, steal, kill and cry over it. They get sick over it. They must want it so much. I never want to grow up to be like them.

I want to sip coffee or tea slowly in some small coffee and tea shops and not talk about endless coins and papers. I want to see a horizon with all its shades, bright and colorful, and sometimes gloomy and rainy. Crisp horizons without shadows haunting me.

I want to go to bed and not hear any money news--good or bad. They all make me sad. Lonely even, on my little planet in a midst of all the rushing back and forth to places where money can be acquired more, worshipped and admired. What a silly aim and a pointless game.

I want to see my friends without knowing what their parents earn and how much they spent on their latest toy.

Do they love it or hate it to subject themselves without reservation and self-preservation? What a loyalty and subjugation they all succumb to, even biggest rulers can be envious of.

The only thing I know, I never understood it well--their obsession and life distortion, even digression of such bizarre obsession.

I only understand they spend lot of their time pondering over acquiring it, more and more of it. Endless acquisitions of things they never use or don’t get any joy from.

I wish someone loved me one day like they love money.

I wish some day someone spent as much time with me as they did with their money speculations and regulations--mostly tribulations.

But I am not an object but a body with a soul who can love back and give back, so that might be scary for adults, which I will be some day. I hope that day never comes.

Until then I shall read, care, love and sail through life with its winds and storms.

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