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A Woman

People can’t take what a woman does to her body for the pleasures of others.

They demand but can’t bear to know all the mutilations of her womb, small and big scars she slowly adds every year of her life. No one wants to see ugliness inflicted for anyone else.

Leave the ugly out and put on a face to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Sacrifices for husbands, children, work, only to be followed by more sacrifices, but above all everyone is hoping she will keep quiet and voiceless and invisible when necessary. The only voice is to be heard when it is pleasing but the rest is to be shut out as if a woman ever wants to self-mutilate by pure choice?! What choice does she have when she is forced, brutalized, humiliated for not being beautiful enough or for being too beautiful to cause too much uncomfortable temptation? Sometimes she is too poor to have walls around her to protect her and other times she has too many walls to shelter her from unwanted eyes - only this demands that she gives up her freedom. Too much of something or too little of something may be taking away from her being equally?

Expectations to be a donkey or sell sex in some form or another through a thin veil or just raw nature- such fascination with a woman’s intimate organ! Body of a functional nature than a source of great pleasure for a woman? That organ that fascinates and intrigues men is mostly a source of great misunderstanding and is the least associated with its original design's intention, being a channel for yet another life, yet another being. There has been diversified use of a woman's sacred being leading to many of its uses and abuses. Confusion mostly about what and who she is! Life comes out of a woman not a man!

Curves and edgy design of a woman gives her power and a burden to bear on her journey no matter how modest or decadent that journey may be.

Stripped, exposed, survival in essence, or hidden well and covered from the eyes of all against her while he only has access to her at his will. Is it ever her choice to strip or hide?

Privacy is not about her but for people who seem to believe she needs it or those who do not feel comfortable to know her outside of her masked beauty, layered with make-up and facial lines. Vain women that they are only feel obliged to maintain the expected from everyone and each other, hiding the true scars, traces of life deeply marking her desired organ, then rejected for being put through so much but nearly never by her pure choice. Would a woman ever subject herself to disguise pleasure for having a shelter and some acceptance—from anyone!

Don’t blame her beauty or ugliness, don’t judge her self-mutilation, her fertility or lack of it.

Just don’t stare at her! Let her be feminine or masculine or androgenous if she needs to be. Don’t get offended or freightened by her. Don’t duplicate her or reject what she does not have.

Like a tree branching out she starts out her journey and tries reaching into many directions, streching herself beyond and above herself. The weather can be rough on her branches and break and crack few of them. Her body standing firm taking all the weathering, she keeps growing and reaching high, never asking for much.

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