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'Little' Lives

'Little' lives with 'little' destinies at times try to assert them themselves into something bigger than they can even handle without destroying some lives or structures erected long before they could even walk or suck anything but their thumb.

Do people hope to become bigger by destroying? Which God would want that? Which God would want any killing for that matter in his or her name?

Most of us are absorbed and in love with our mediocre lives that no has time or energy to remember more than a decade later after we are gone. It does not really matter how big we think we are--we are truly small. Big events are nothing more than concentration of many that shifts fast onto something else. Reality check: most of us on Earth are consumed with daily banal routines of feeding ourselves, taking care of our instinctual desires and just pure survival.

Maybe we wished for 'bigger' destinies, but tough will have to content ourselves with banal existence and its preoccupations. They are certainly not big destinies if they destroy other little destinies. It will not make anyone more special or his or hers destiny greater--just add to collective pot of ignorance, bigotry, and failure to understand God.

#God #destinies #killing

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