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The Value of Human Life?


I cannot help but ask how do we value human life? What is the value of any life regardless of where it is, how much it is worth in any given currency and what it believes in?

I observe conflicts erupting, lives bursting in all directions, sounds of cries, pains and tears. Endless tears. These are the tears that burn the face more than relieve any drop of morphine resistant pain.

Conflicts are never innocent like the people who die in them. Value of life is diminished with every attempt to explain its value based on its religious affiliation, geographical and sociological standing. Life’s value determined by these becomes instantly valueless in a single explosion.

Dreams of better lives die with the dreamers, extinguished in seconds. Mothers feel pain all the way to their womb, where those dreamers were conceived and developed. I only see forcefully broken bonds that feel more like agony than anything else.

I can’t explain the human atrocities committed against each other. I do not even care about the reasons behind them, but I do care about lives that are lost or destroyed. The reasons can never be good enough in my eyes to loose lives for the sole purpose of conflict. Would God really want this sacrifice from anyone? The only thing I see even when I close my eyes is that we devalue life each time a life is lost in conflicts.

I see proliferation of conflicts in a world of arms proliferation. Maybe, instead of lying to ourselves that we can continue with this mad proliferation of destructive ideas we can attempt to realize the value of life is only becoming incredibly devalued and getting less attention than stock market crashes .

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