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What Is Your Default Mode in Stress?


September, 17TH, 2014

What is your default self?I find myself thinking about my personal default mode today since I am facing some stressful moments. So here I am wondering while highly tense what do I become or rather who do I become when I am feeling tense and anxious?! Did you ever wonder that yourself? ‘Where’ do you go when you feel stressed out? What is the space that you inhabit in those moments? Do you end up doing something that you said you never would or you become highly hedonistic and self-centered? Constructive or deconstructive? Do you withdraw or you seek any social interaction?

I found myself today listening to Mozart when I felt frustrated with many things around since it is NOT everything yet! I found myself wanting to go to a spa and spend money on beautiful things in this world. Today I want to eat the most expensive sushi and drink the most expensive tea, harvested in the remote region of China — the luxurious green tea sipped in the most focused state of mind and when senses are at once calmed and yet excited by its unique aromas. Today I want eat the best chocolate from Belgium, concocted by the hands of the famous chocolate chef Pierre Marcolini in Brussels in the heavenly chocolate district of the world. Today I want the best life can offer because that is my default in stressful times! What is yours? Can you celebrate life when things get too unbearable and overwhelming or are you in a space of self-punishment?! Maybe, your default mode in stress is worth analyzing or is it time to eat some great gelato and four cheeses pasta and indulge in the highly forbidden?!

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