© 2020 Esther Kish. 

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Sensations fabricated or real

Reality has no borders

Just like me

Inside of me and inside of you

We exist in each other

Hallucinations vs. reality

Nothing left to project

Reject my dreams for your sensations

Hallucinations left to linger


Beautiful & ugly living side by side

Coexistence of contrasts

Now and forever

We do not exist

Unless we stop this madness

My mind has no life

but the life itself

Fill it with what is beautiful 

Leave the ugly out


Hallucinations are here

But not forever to stay

Beautiful is free as its ugly contrast

Let it be

If you want what is real.

Real is in your hallucinations

Vision or just a dream

Projected now

Rejected later

Let it go

Set it free

Only Free exists for real

Unrestrained and unconfined.